Past Workshops

2016-2017October 2016Hypnotic Lessons from the Neurodiverse: A Hitchhiker’s Guide
Reorienting our understanding of mind, trance, hypnosis and how we change
Laurence I. Sugarman, MD, FAAP, ABMH6 CEUsFlyer
2015-2016September 2015Healing the Body/Mind:
Creating Re-Regulation Experiences for Medical Patients with Psychological Trauma
Suzanne Candell, PhD3 CEUsFlyer
2015-2016November 2015Accessing The Creative Flow of Trance:Building on the Lessons from Stephen Gilligan’s June 2015 WorkshopDavid Alter, PhD3 CEUsFlyer
2015-2016January 2016Recovery of Hope and Faith in the Face of Loss:Promoting in-session Resourcefulness – Utilization in Every Day EncountersHarriet Kohen, LICSW, CPT
Deb Rich, PhD Denise D’Aurora, MEd, LP
3 CEUsFlyer
2015-2016April 2016Healing the Heart: A Day of Contemplative Practice and ReflectionRabbi Amy Eilberg6 CEUsFlyer
2015-2016May 2016A Next Step on the Road to Hypnotic Proficiency: An Experiential Practice Session Linking What you Know with What you are Ready to Learn NextDavid Alter, PhD3 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015September 2014Being Hypnotic in Couple Therapy: Part 1Greg Heberlein, MA
Jennifer Stoos, M.Div, MA
3 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015October 201419th Annual Rosenthal Retreat
The Poetry of Language:
Hypnotic Rhythms of the Body-Mind
George Glaser, LCSW, BCD, DAHB6 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015November 2014What's Up With Alert HypnosisDavid M. Wark, PhD, ABPH3 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015January 2015Common Anxieties
Children: Fear of Dark, Sleep, Change
Adults: Fear of Driving, Flying, Bridges, Etc.
Becky Kajander, CPNP
Helen Paul, PhD
3 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015February 2015Being Hypnotic in Couple's Therapy, Part 2Greg Heberlein, MA
Jennifer Stoos, M.DIV,MA
3 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015March 2015Hypnosis and Mindfulness Part II: Self-CompassionPeggy Trezona, MS, APRN, CNS
Kate Pfaffinger, PhD
4 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015April 25, 2015"No Self" Therapy:
Therapy When "Nobody is Home"
Noel R. Larson, PhD3 CEUsFlyer
2013-2014September 2013Clinical Hypnosis for Affect RegulationWendy Lemke, M.S.3 CEUsFlyer
2013-2014October 201318th Annual Rosenthal Retreat
Powerful Healing in Integrative Medicine:
Developing Characteristics and Strategies for Success
Sheryll A. Daniel, PhD
Mark Weisberg, PhD, ABPP
6 CEUsFlyer
2013-2014November 2013Applications of Age Regression
in Therapeutic Hypnosis
Delle Jacobs, LICSW, LMFT3 CEUsFlyer
2013-2014January 2014The Many Faces of Dissociation:
The "Trance" of Survival
Noel Larson, PhD,
3 CEUsFlyer
2013-2014February 2014Helping Families to Develop Mindfulness
and Self-hypnosis Skills for Daily Transitions
Kevin Harrington, PhD
Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, PhD
3 CEUsFlyer
2013-2014March 2014Counting Sheep: Hypnotic Approaches
to Treatment of Insomnia
Ewa Peczalska, PhD3 CEUsFlyer