Using Hypnosis to Accept the Unacceptable

Suzanne Candell, PhD, LP

January 9, 2022

Suzanne Candell, PhD, LP

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DateJanuary 9, 2022
Time9 AM – 12 PM CST
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The very idea that “Accepting the unacceptable” is a vital part of a well-lived life may have aroused a visceral and emotional response in you as it did in me.  Few things are as difficult or as important in enabling us to adjust to the everyday and extraordinary challenges of life:  Illness, disappointment, death, change; human-caused climate change, a global pandemic, political and social earthquakes.  Lack of acceptance, although vaunted in our culture as a sign of strength and determination, mires us in intense and lasting suffering, rendering futile our efforts, and stalling our lives.   

Hypnosis enables us to draw on conscious and not-yet-conscious aspects of themselves to find a way to engage differently with the unacceptable, to discover that acceptance does not have to mean acquiescence, to envision ways of being with and responding to the unacceptable that allow a fuller, more meaningful life.  Using examples from clinical practice, we’ll work with hypnotic approaches to enter into paradox, engage creativity and life philosophy (whether based on religion, spirituality, or not), and enable ongoing engagement with the practice of accepting the unacceptable. 


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Suzanne Candell, Ph.D., L.P. is a Clinical Health Psychologist providing psychotherapy to patients and their families, and consultation to other professionals. She is in private practice in Minneapolis. She integrates mind/body, psychodynamic and somatic approaches to healing in her work with patients. She specializes in addressing the unique needs of individuals with health problems who are survivors of trauma. She is a former officer and member of the MSCH Board of Directors. She received MSCH’s Daniel P. Kohen Award for Outstanding Clinician in 2011. She is a a Certified Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.


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