Dr. Mark Jensen (MSCH Podcast No. 5)

MSCH will welcome Dr. Mark Jensen for the 45th Annual Workshops in Clinical Hypnosis this June. Dr. Jensen spoke about his work and the upcoming workshop recently in an interview with Jennifer Stoos (below). Take a few minutes to learn about his approach, and plan to join us in June!

“As Professor and Vice Chair for Research at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington Seattle, Dr. Jensen has been developing and studying the efficacy of psychosocial pain treatments for almost 3 decades. He combines cognitive-behavioral, hypnotic, and motivational approaches to help patients/clients better manage chronic pain and its effects on their lives.
Dr. Jensen’s research focuses on the development and evaluation of measures of pain, pain beliefs, and pain coping strategies, and the development and evaluation of psychosocial pain interventions. Grants from the NIH and other funding sources allow him to test biopsychosocial models of chronic pain.

He has authored or co-authored more than 250 articles and book chapters; is currently the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Pain; has served as a consulting editor of the Annals of Behavioral Medicine; and is associate editor for the Clinical Journal of Pain and the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.”