About Membership

MSCH encourages all health care providers to join our membership regardless of their level of experience or comfort using clinical hypnosis.

Membership Benefits

  • Discounted rates for local clinical hypnosis workshops
  • Subscription to IMAGES, our quarterly newsletter
  • Inclusion in MSCH member directory and regional referral list of qualified healthcare professionals who use hypnosis in their clinical practice
  • Access to activities that provide structure, support, and encouragement for continued growth and development in a unique multidisciplinary environment
  • Valuable resources for members who are committed to high quality care of individuals with various health problems
  • Affiliation with an organization that promotes high professional standards while advocating appropriate use of clinical hypnosis
  • Opportunity to work toward certification in clinical hypnosis
  • Opportunity to work toward Approved Consultant status in clinical hypnosis

Membership Categories

Applicants for either category of membership must have completed a minimum of 20 hours training in an approved introductory course in hypnosis.

Full Membership ($90/year)
For those who are licensed to practice in the state in which they reside and have attained either a master’s or a doctoral degree. Licensed members must be in current good standing with their licensing board.

Associate Membership ($70/year)
For students in a healthcare field, healthcare professionals completing coursework or supervised experience toward licensure, or licensed healthcare professionals holding other than a master’s degree. Applicants must have completed a minimum of 20 hours training in an approved introductory course in hypnosis.

Membership requires licensure requirements plus attending an MSCH or ASCH approved 20 hour Fundamental skills hypnosis course. This course can be taken through MSCH right here in Minnesota in June. Details of the June workshop are under the ‘Education’ tab on this website. (www.msch.org)  Scroll down to the ‘Annual MSCH Workshops in Clinical Hypnosis Intro and Advanced Workshops in Clinical Hypnosis.’ The Fundamentals course is offered every June in Minnesota.

Fundamentals training courses can also be found on the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis website, www.asch.net as well as at the National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute website, www.nphti.org

How to Apply for New Membership

The process is simple: submit an online application and pay the membership fee. We’ll review your application and, if accepted, you’ll gain access to the benefits listed above.

Apply now for a new membership.


Please contact:
Deb Schrobilgen